Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Exploring Myths Of Self-Storage

You may have heard people talking negatively about self-storage in the past. Horror stories where items were stolen or returned damaged. Perhaps your parents told you it was too expensive, a waste of time and inaccessible. However, these are all myths of self-storage’s past, as storage facilities and services have significantly improved. So today, let’s set the record straight!

Lack of Security

Using back to base security, self-storage facilities have never been safer. With alarming and security cameras, you can be sure your unit is protected every hour of the day.

Too Expensive

Self-storage doesn’t have to be expensive! In the past, many facilities required you to rent out a fixed storage site regardless of the size of what you were trying to secure. Since that time, modern designs include a variety of self-storage floorplans based on your requirements. Meaning that the less you store, the smaller your storage site, the less you pay! Did you know we have storage from as little as $3 a day?


Just like a home away from home, modern storage sites allow you to access your items at any time, as opposed to the between working hours of facilities in the past. So no matter if you’re a tradie visiting early and picking up your tools before work or a renovator looking to storage furniture after a hard days work, you’re in control and can access your goods whenever you like.

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