Friday, October 30, 2020

5 Nifty DIY Solutions for Backyard Storage

You'd be surprised by how a whole lot more can go into your backyard storage with some nifty DIY backyard storage solutions. With more storage space in your backyard, you'll be better off to deal with clutter, organise your home, and make your working tools and other important accessories easier to access. Besides their functional purpose, these simple DIY backyard storage ideas can also spruce up your backyard. You can customise them according to the available space you want to place them in, as well as your personal preferences, and the architecture of your home. 

Pots and Planters

Got some unused pots and buckets lying around? A whole lot of small to medium-sized items can go into some of the good ones. Unused drawers, cans, and even containers can also serve up more storage. You can also paint them with any desired colour to spruce up your backyard. 

Ladder Shelves

Another easy-going DIY storage solution, ladder shelves can take up anything from garden equipment to sporting gear, kids toys, and lots more. Alternatively, you can stack up crates to form a vertical-standing shelf, but take care to load only small, light items on them. Or you can also take advantage of your backyard's vertical space with hanging organisers, decked stands, and other similar storage solutions.

Multifunctional Furniture and Equipment

The benches, tables, and settees in your patio, pavilion, BBQ area, and other areas of your backyard can also serve up ample storage space. Opt for outdoor benches and settees with built-in storage. Have some wine crates lying around, stack them up to form a table and store up light gardening tools and other light items inside them. Some items can create more room to hold other items. For instance, you can store your rake with the head up to hang gloves and other light items on the teeth. 

Decked Boxes

You can also stack up boxes to create more storage room from your backyard's vertical space. Ideally, you can opt for large boxes to take advantage of both vertical and horizontal space. But you should also take care to store heavier items in lower decks to avoid opening and closing issues that may be caused when too much weight is exerted from the boxes above.

Need more storage space for your household items and belongings? Reach out to us today to get highly streamlined storage recommendations for your home.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

How to Create Extra Storage in Your Home Office Easily

A home office has now become imperative for nearly everyone across the board. Those who never considered running a workstation from home now have to improvise and make the most of the available space in their home. And those who’ve since settled into their home office would still appreciate expedient tips for organising their home office storage.

Create extra storage

If you’re actively using your home office, there’s a good chance you might run short of storage space now and then. But regardless of the level of activity you engage in your home office, there are some storage tips that you’ll always find highly expedient. Read on to find out more.

Expedient Home Office Storage Tips

Repurposed furniture: Got some old furniture with pockets of storage space tucked away in your basement or in a corner of the house where it’s of no use? You might be surprised by the generous volume of storage space you can carve out in your home office by ‘up-cycling’ old furniture like your old cabinets, large tin cans, etc.

Choose furniture with built-in storage: Or you can try replacing the tables, chairs, settees, and other furniture in your home office with those that come with built-in storage. Use tables with multiple drawers to easily hideaway clutter that would normally sit on the desk. Also, fold-able furniture are can help you create extra storage space in your home office. Simply fold them away when not in use to create more room.

Hide away clutter: Your home office can sport a whole different look if all the clutters are gathered and concealed out of sight. You can use cupboards, cabinets, and various types of boxes to carefully organise your archive files, magazines, periodicals, and other work materials in your home office.

Organise in stacks: You can try stacking up items with flat surfaces, including storage boxes, archived files, and even electronics. You can try using a newspaper rack or other types of stands to hold stacks of reading materials and other items.

Opt for custom-made home office storage: Custom–made furniture can imbue your space with greater elegance, maximise on hard-to-reach spaces, and furnish you with more storage space. Those awkward-facing corners and hard-to-reach spaces around your office could be utilised maximally with custom-made furniture. Customise your furniture in line with the dimensions of your home office to make the most of every nook and cranny in the room. You can also ask the craftsman to incorporate pockets of storage space in the unit, including trunking, portholes, etc.

Maximise your wall space: Explore peg boards, and other wall-mounted furniture to create additional storage in your home office. Wall storage can be highly versatile, holding up a wide range of items from reading materials to stationery and tech.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Aussies Across the Board Can Now Access Handy, Affordable Parcel Delivery Options

Parcel King serves customers across Australia in myriads of ways, offering, easier, affordable, and more convenient ways to move valuables from point A to B.

From deliveries within neighbourhoods to international shipments, Parcel King's services are boundless, allowing customers to send and receive deliveries from just about any corner of the globe. Parcel King serves all customers with the same level of energy and commitment, providing well rounded logistics solutions and prompt deliveries consistently. Whether delivering documents, office equipment, production inventories, household items, or personal belongings, Parcel King provides customers with an equivalent set of affordable, efficient delivery solutions.

Parcel King's freight services can handle up to 20kg of goods with lengths of up to 1.2 metres long. Their services also come in handy for business and individuals across the board because they're always ready to take up your requests and make deliveries promptly. As such, Parcel King can help save a tonne of hassles - literally, helping them convey goods from one point to another without extensive planning, hefty expenses, and having to hop from one establishment to another.

Freight Services for Small, Frail, Large, and Heavy Items

Parcel King always makes goods deliveries equally easy for all customers, whether transporting household items or large, heavy industrial inventories.

With various delivery options, you simply say where to pick up your goods and where to deliver them, and that’s it. Your goods will be delivered in a moment’s notice and you won’t have to worry about tracking and monitoring goods on transit.

Why Storage King is the best bet for your Storage & Logistics

Storage King has an unmatched track record with our service use always on the rise. That’s because we’re giving more and more businesses and individuals access to cost-effective, highly streamlined, and efficient storage and delivery solutions.

We’re always available to provide streamlined services to our customers across every nook and cranny of the region. We offer highly competitive pricing that helps customers save multiple costs. 

For more information on Parcel King, go to

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Tips for Storing Archived Files Conveniently and Effectively

Lost files can cause you irreparable damages, and the risks of losing files grows by the day as more files emerge from your business activities and personal life. Many businesses and professionals are constantly faced with questions like ‘how do I organise my files and documents in storage boxes?’, ‘what labelling format should I use for my achieved files?’, and ‘how do I ensure the safety and integrity of the archived files?’ 

Here’s a rundown of the best practices for file archiving for businesses and professionals across the board:

Keep Track of the Record Retention Time frames of Archived Files

With a large collection of files, it could be quite challenging to keep track of the retention time frames for each file. The best way to keep track of retention time frames is to label each file with their destruction date.

Choose a Perfect Storage Space

It’s pointless to observe a retention period if you can’t ensure the safety and integrity of your archived files. It’s imperative to do your due diligence when choosing a storage space. For storage, ensure that the files are kept in a cool, dry, and well-secured place.

Provide Protection against Wear and Tear

Besides concerns about the security and suitability of a storage facility, you also need to consider giving your documents an extra layer of protection with storage boxes and materials. Even if the storage space is optimal and secure, your documents might still get damaged from mishandling, liquid spillages, etc. You need to store your archived files first in materials that are durable and can protect your files from wear and tear.

Consider Access Efficiency 

Lastly, you’d want to ensure that your archived files can be easily accessed anytime. You need to organise your storage in a way that makes it easy to trace out and retrieve any particular file.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

6 Important Advantages of Self-Storage for Businesses

Self-storage can be as expedient and convenient for businesses as it is for homeowners. Storage can come in handy for businesses for a plethora of reasons, from emergency storage for natural or man-made disasters to seasonal storage for storing items out of season, relocation storage for holding up goods during relocation, and overflow storage for holding inventories when in-house storage is filled.

In essence, self-storage can benefit businesses in several ways. Here are some important advantages that businesses can gain from self-storage units:

Managing Clutter

The neatness of an office space has a huge impact on the company's image and attractiveness. After handling large volumes of customer orders and requests, it's easy for the business premises to become swamped with clutter from paperwork, inventories, appliances, furniture, etc. With a suitable self-storage option, businesses can easily stay on top of clutter by moving out items that are not needed immediately. This can help ensure the business premises looks clean and tidy at all times.

Better Security and Safety

It can be quite challenging to ensure the safety and security of all your precious items in the office. And in other instances, it can also be challenging to prevent hazardous items from causing harm to people in the office. But with a self-storage option, you can ensure the safety and security of precious lives as well as your prized possessions. Excellent self-storage facilities come with state-of-the-art security and safety features that give users total peace of mind.

Business Expansion

Businesses undergoing an expansion phase can benefit immensely from the convenience of self-storage. Rather than open a new branch or move to a larger accommodation, a business can turn to self-storage units that are cheaper and require minimal setup. They can use these self-storage options as a distribution point or a collection centre for their courier deliverables.

Better Use of Office Space

With suitable storage services at their disposal, businesses can easily rethink and reorganise their workspace. With lesser clutter and more free space, it becomes easier to make more efficient use of your office space. As a result, you'll find it easier to access important items and decorate your space.

Cost Advantages

A self-storage unit is a cheaper alternative to rental space. Excellent storage services offer perks that help users save money, including free trucking to move their belongings to the storage facility, and storage advice that help you maximise on your storage space and also prevent your stored goods from damages. Many also offer various types of packing materials for free and insure stored goods.

Convenience and Flexibility

Most businesses will appreciate the convenience and flexibility of self a storage units. Rather than cram their office space with inventories and paperwork, or move some of their office items to their homes, business owners can opt for affordable, easily accessible self-storage options.

You can choose a storage unit that's in close proximity to your office or home. You'll also find facilities that can be accessed throughout all the weekdays.
Storage units also allow you the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of your storage unit based on your immediate needs.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tips for keeping your belongings in good Condition in Storage During Summer

Summer is a peak period for self storage, as people put away their non-summer belongings to revel in the outdoor charms of the cosy summer sun. As the festive seasons kick in, most people would be wary of issues getting in the way of their festivities. The ‘bushfire season’ accompanying summer is also another major source of concern as people get worked up about their belongings, and what to do to keep them away from any potential bushfire threat.

Storing in summer requires some specific measures that provide extra protection for your stored items. Here are some crucial summer storage tips that will help keep your belongings in pristine condition, protected from the elements and any potential bushfire outbreak.

Make Use of Packing Materials

The first and easiest thing you can do to give your stored belongings proper protection against the elements, dusts, and pests is to pack them using packing materials. Newspapers and cardboard boxes are ideal, but when using cardboard boxes, use packing peanuts and other similar materials to protect the edges of your items from dents resulting from impacts. Items that you’ll be storing for a long time should be protected with polystyrene peanuts, which are more powerful insulators.

Keep your Items Clean and in Working Condition

Before putting any item away, make sure they’re clean and in good condition. Dirt and soot attracts pests and mould. Dirt and grime can also damage your items on their own when left on the items for long. You want to be able to put your electronics to use once you retrieve them from storage, so you should make sure of that ahead of time.

Store Away Seasonal Items

During summer, you’ll most likely not need a lot of items you’ve used during other seasons. These include winter clothing, heating equipment, microfiber comforters, etc.

It’d be best to move out these items into storage to free up space in your garage, wardrobe, and other areas of your home for items best-suited for summer. As we’ve mentioned earlier, ensure all the items you’re moving to storage are wiped clean and in good condition before locking them up in a storage unit.

We're here to help!

Contact your local Storage King on 1800 100 700 if you have any questions for items you're wanting to store, or for any other queries you may have with the moving and storing process. We're here to help!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Best Tips to Declutter for the Festive Season

It’s getting close to the best time of the year for shopping sprees and gift exchanges, so you might want to get rid of old stuffs to make way for the new ones. As you make preparations for Christmas decors and retouching your home’s interior, decluttering should be top on the agenda. What’s more, decluttering will also help rid your home of things that might bog down the mood in your home this festive seasons.

To help you swing into a decluttering mode anytime, here are some decluttering hacks you should know of.

Declutter with a Rationale

Many factors can determine how you can declutter your home satisfactorily. If you’re decluttering to make way for Christmas decor, you might just want to focus on seasonal items you’ll likely not use within the season. Ask yourself what are the main features and functionalities you want in your home, and mark out anything that doesn’t contribute to those. The purpose of your decluttering activity can also determine how you put away some items. For instance, if you want more room for the kids to play around in, you can move some furniture or fittings to a corner or a specific space.

Get Everyone Onboard

It’s easy to decide what to move out when we have the home all to ourselves, but when there’s family, then we might want to tread more softly. If you’re living with loved ones, you might want to involve them closely in the decluttering process. Ask them which of their items they’d love to keep and why they’d prefer any item to take up their precious space. Also, when decluttering, return borrowed items, and do away with the belongings of others who’re no longer with you, like your ex, your grown up children who’ve moved out, your late relatives, etc.

Ditch Indifferent Items 

If you feel indifferent to an item, then perhaps it’s time to let go of it. Move out anything that doesn’t move you. Look around you and ask yourself if you’d be proud to use, wear, or flaunt an item, especially if you’ve not used it for a long time. If not, then you won’t feel any guild or displeasure moving it out.

Give Your Items a Second Hand Value

Make sure you ditch your cleared out items the best way possible. Anything that’s still in good condition can make you some money, or can earn you the gratitude of charities. But don’t just dump your items at a charity, ensure their condition is good enough for you to present to a friend first. If an item doesn’t have a second-hand value, then it’s best to leave it in a bin.

Declutter by Category

The method you use to declutter can significantly affect your decluttering habit. You’ll grow wary of decluttering when it becomes a boring chore. One way to keep our minds engaged when decluttering is using categories. You can use the four box method, where you keep items in four different boxes for relocating, storing away, giving away, or dumping.