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Top Packing Supplies for Your Self Storage Unit

Selecting the appropriate packing materials is crucial for safeguarding your valuables during storage. It's best to opt for high-quality products that maintain their integrity and protect against temperature changes, humidity, moisture, dust, and dirt, especially if storage duration may extend for months or even years. Additionally, choosing the right type of container tailored to the specific items being stored is equally important.

Strong Boxes

Getting moving boxes should be one of the first steps you take when moving into a self-storage unit. One of the most important things to remember when looking for boxes is to understand that boxes need to be sturdy enough to carry all of your belongings without breaking open. Buying the right box for the items you're storing is highly recommended for example you may want to consider a Port-a-Robe box for storing clothes as they are designed to hold your hanging clothes and you don’t have to worry about wrinkles. 

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is perfect for breakables like glasses, valuable collectibles or artwork If you can, wrap them twice for added protection. It prevents dents and scratches and offers great protection against the impact that could break fragile items if a box is accidentally dropped. You might be tempted to use newspaper but it can leave marks and it is not as effective as bubble wrap. 

As a bonus if you have leftover bubble wrap it can be fun to pop and a great stress reliever.


High-quality moving tape is essential to seal off boxes and ensure that they remain closed and keep their shape during transport or storage. Storage King offers a variety of packing tapes that are strong and come in different sizes and strengths to ensure that your boxes are securely sealed. Additionally, using a tape gun is advisable for handling many boxes efficiently, as it simplifies the task and gets the job done faster.

Protective Covers and Blankets

When it comes to storing large bulky items such as furniture and appliances, it's very important to take extra precautions to protect your items from getting scratches, and dents from transit, and gathering dust when stored which could lead to long-term, irreversible damage to your things.

Permanent Marker Pen:

Labelling your boxes is so important, not only to ensure that you can find your stored items easily but also to alert movers and remind you and your family of which boxes contain breakable objects.

Packing Knife

A good quality knife will help you to slit open your boxes without damaging them or the contents.

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Storage King provides an online packing materials store so you can purchase your boxes and moving items all through the convenience of your mobile or desktop device. 

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