Tuesday, March 19, 2024

How to Prepare Your Boat for Storage

There is nothing like enjoying quality time with loved ones on the water during the warmer months. But when it starts to get cooler you will need to find a suitable place to store your boat when it's not in use. This can be quite a challenge if you're a new boat owner and unsure about how and where to store it. Here, you'll find valuable information on how to safely and securely store your boat.

Clean and Inspect Inside and Out

Make sure to give your boat a thorough cleaning before putting it away. It's important to remove any dirt or grime from both the inside and outside of the boat to ensure proper protection. Begin at the front and gradually move towards the back, paying attention to all the small spaces where dirt tends to accumulate. A gentle soap and water mixture should be sufficient, but make sure to rinse it off thoroughly. Additionally, don't forget to wipe everything down, as the salt stains from winter will become more apparent once the boat dries out after storage.

Additionally, make sure to inspect your cleats and hooks for any signs of corrosion, as this can gradually deteriorate ropes and wires. A thorough cleaning with a mixture of hot soapy water should also suffice in this case. 

Make sure to refer to your manufacturer's guide to ensure you're using the correct cleaning products for your boat, as each boat is unique.


Lubricate all moving parts like plugs and bulb sockets. You must use a marine-grade lubricant for this step.

Use anti-corrosion spray on any unprotected metal parts. Corrosion is one of the biggest enemies of boat winter storage. While your boat is in storage, salt can accumulate on its exterior and cause serious damage. To prevent rust from forming, you need to give it some kind of protection.

Remove the battery and store it in a dry place. Also make sure the terminals are clean from corrosion, which can damage their ability to hold a charge post storage. 

Covers and Tie-Downs - The best way to protect your boat from the harsh winter elements is to use a quality storage cover. Not only will it keep the dust and dirt off, but it'll also help prevent fading and sun damage if you are storing it outside. Be sure to get a cover that is made specifically for boats, as they are designed to resist water, weather, and UV damage.

How to Store Your Boat

Inside a Storage Unit - Within a Storage King self-storage unit you can store your boat as well as most boating supplies. Having your boating supplies and your boat at the same location means you can take your boat out of storage and hit the water as soon as possible.

Outdoor Covered Storage - Keep your boat shielded from the sun and harsh weather elements by parking it under a roof. Plus, getting to your boat is a breeze. We recommend you still place a cover over your boat. 

Outdoor Uncovered Storage - Storage King has locations with outdoor areas where you can park your boat, but it's still a good idea to invest in a high-quality boat cover if you plan on keeping your boat outdoors. The main reason is the weather. Sunlight, rain, snow, mildew, and hail can all cause damage to your boat. Without a cover, the interior, gel coat, teak, and other surfaces may deteriorate.

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