Monday, November 15, 2010

Home Alone!

It is the time of year when you either love or hate the festive season. It is also the time of year that children are finishing school and further education. It is a time when many of our children are leaving home.

It is a time of change for all in the family. Those cute little kids are all grown up and are leaving home to travel the world or take on the world in their new career. They are now adults. 

This time can be a lonely time for parents who have dedicated their lives to their children, but hey think of the positives you can finally rid your house of the clutter and games that our kids have had hiding in the cupboards and under the beds, get rid of all that old school files and text books they no longer need.  Here are some hints:

  • Like many families, your house is filled with your children's belongings. You don't want to totally rid your house of your kid's things, but you should move them all into one dedicated area.
  • Their bedroom should house all of their familiar things, so when they come home to visit, they don't feel like you totally wiped them from your life.
  • If you do need the space or want to use the room for something else, like an office or guest bedroom, you should talk to your child first about redecorating their room. That way it's not a total and complete surprise.
  • Anything extra that isn't in use, but you can't get rid of it for sentimental reasons, you should look into putting it into self storage. It may be that big old desk they don’t use anymore or that Cello that they no longer play. There may be things you want to keep to pass down through the generations.
Remember to enjoy the new life without the children at home. Invite friends over for intimate gatherings. You will soon realize that when children leave home it is an opportunity for a new lease on life and an adventure.

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