Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SPRING IS IN THE AIR...time to de-clutter

It's Spring time again and this is the time which I look forward to the most... SPRING CLEANING or as others may say SPRING de-cluttering.

I begin at one end of the house and work my way through. My plan of attack is to have cardboard boxes on hand as it helps me realise that my house will look fantastic when it's de-cluttered and those items which I remove, I can still keep by utilising storage.

  • To start, my personal style is to empty each cupboard and by doing this, it creates a clean empty space to work with.

  • Next I sort through the items of what I no longer need or want and this is where I can utilise boxes and storage. My motto is “If I've not used it, touched it, worn it in 12 months but would like to keep it... then store It!

My advice is have a plan of attack, great music on the stereo, a good week to go through each room and cupboard in the house, plenty of boxes and tape ready and if needed also a storage unit on hand as many people can’t part with their possessions straight away... and when I'm done, I relax by having a nice glass of red wine.

Boxes, tape and bags scattered everywhere, more mess than you can imagine but then the final product is rewarding.

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