Monday, November 21, 2011

Why self storage?

Self storage is not a product we think about very often. It is a need based product that is only considered in dire/stressful circumstances.
There are many advantages that Self storage offers when compared to removalist storage or Portable storage units. The main advantage is you can visit your goods when you want, at no extra cost. It is a private lock up only you hold the keys to. There’s CCTV, back to base alarm monitoring and pin code access for your peace of mind. The aisle ways are well lit so when you want to visit your storage unit you can do so safely, with some facilities even offering individual lighting in storage units.

The great advantage for businesses that are just starting off is the flexibility self storage offers as their demand levels fluctuate. With low capital/cash flow in the first stage of a new business, the owners have the ability to tailor their storage needs as demand goes up/down. With on site forklifts, trolleys, meeting rooms, WIFI access, and delivery concierge service, Self storage is a very attractive option.

Every day, self storage is getting more and more popular and we all see these buildings popping up everywhere around us. Next time you are moving, de-cluttering, or simply need more space, drop in to your local self storage centre and see what they have to offer!

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