Monday, October 15, 2012

“I sell peace of mind”

 M. D'Alessandri - Essendon

I find every time I am asked what I do for work, I say this “I sell peace of mind”
Now you might be reading this and say “Is he dreaming? How does he sell peace of mind?”
I agree it sounds strange but go with me on this journey.
A box is just a box on the outside but once you put your goods in it, it becomes so much more, it has a value to you that someone else may never know. Also the box has to keep your item safe and dust free.
You’re going to need the right box for this item of value and you need to pack it correctly in the box, maybe you need bubble wrap, some tape to close that box up and keep it together. You may ask me how to pack the item in the box. Would that give you peace of mind?
Now imagine not just one box but let’s say 50 boxes and each has something of value in it. Place a value on it, go on.
Now if you decided to take out insurance on the 50 boxes plus some other items you’re placing in storage, wouldn’t that give you a peace of mind that your goods are now safe.
Now place it all in one location, let’s say a storage unit, does that give you a little more peace of mind.
But before you put it in the unit you need to know how to place it in the storage unit, you don’t want those boxes falling over and breaking. You also want to fit some larger items in the storage unit. You don’t want to waste the space you have chosen.  So you may ask us for some advice on how to pack the unit.
But how did you get the boxes and the larger items to the storage facility? You thought about packing them in your car, didn’t you? But after considering how you would need to stuff the boxes in your car, how many trips you would have to make to the storage facility and how much fuel you would have wasted, you think maybe I should get a truck, as you’re going to need it for the larger items.
But before you could look up a truck rental shop on your phone, I offer you our courtesy truck. 
You know taking that truck will give you peace of mind that your goods will be safe while you are transporting them.

Told you, “I sell peace of mind”

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