Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Being on the other side

By Priyal
SK Camperdown West

Since joining this company 5 years ago, this was the first time I had the opportunity to be on the other side of the Storage King desk - a storer. It all started when my partner and I decided to move house. For anyone that's moved house - it is very much like the gift that never stops taking!

In between  moving out of 1 house and  moving into the new one, there was about a month gap. So I said to my partner “Hey let’s move the stuff into storage and move into my parents for a month” (it sounded like it was going to be easy at the time - how wrong I was!). I really wanted to experience storage from a customer’s point of view. So I did the whole walk in the facility on my day off and got Jack my colleague to show me around. I even asked a few questions for my part. After looking at a few units we decided to go with a 13sqm unit.

You actually don't realise just how handy tea chest and crystal boxes are until you start packing. But a special mention must go for the port-a-robe box. We saved so much time and space by not having to fold clothes (or in my partner's case - not having to chuck it into a box!). Later when we needed to get to the clothes all we had to do is go to the storage unit and open the box. 

Sometimes we forget just how much stress our customers are under when they come to us. The morning of the move at 8.30am the removalists called and said they were 15mins away, we started going through all the things we had to move and going through the cupboards making sure we had not missed anything. Then it occurred to me that I have more things than I had anticipated - and so we hurriedly tried to repack and reorganise - all the on the fly!

You will be pleased to hear that the move went smoothly (more or less).  Wish I could say the same about living with my parents :)

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