Thursday, June 16, 2016

Winter Storage Hazards

There are some things – actually, a surprising amount of things - you definitely only use in summer. In winter, they’re just in the way. Do you really have space in your closets for your family’s summer clothing and swimwear plus your camping gear, beach umbrella or gazebo?

Avalanche victim!

The cupboard-opening avalanche is just one of the hazards you face. As you emerge from the rubble, rubbing your beach-umbrella-induced bruises, you might be pardoned for using some rather ‘warm’ language that your kids probably shouldn’t overhear.

Blitz or bust?

Meanwhile, you simply don’t have enough space for all the things you’re actually using right now. You face hazard number two: the impulse-blitz temptation. You end up discarding things you’ll kick yourself for not having next summer despite protests from your family. When the time comes, there will be I-told-you-so’s, and you’ll be the subject of the finger-pointing!


Things stacked in corners are gathering dust, you can’t find the things you want when you want them and there’s just about no room for your car in the garage as it is. The walls are closing in. You think longingly of putting a match to the whole lot and doing a runner.
Obviously, this course of action is even more ill-advised than the impulse blitz, so you grit your teeth and push on. Much like an intrepid adventurer hacking his path through dense jungles, you end up having to clear away a mountain of things before you can reach any single objective.

Frayed nerves

If you see one more clutter-free ‘model house’ on TV or see one more blog post about how decluttering reduces stress, there’s no saying what you’ll be driven to. You’d love to declutter, but it’s all useful stuff – just not anything you’ll be using for the next few months. You don’t actually need a bigger home. You just need somewhere to put things!

Seasonal storage to the rescue!

Ta-dah! Storage isn’t just for furniture, and you don’t need to hire a whole self-storage space just for a few boxes of stuff. Those superior types you see in their absolutely clutter free homes are going to be so let-down that their secret is out.
Your family may think you’ve been bitten by the blitz bug when they see you packing boxes, but when you explain that you’re just storing things away for a little while, they’ll probably want to add a few items that have been getting in their way too.

Freedom’s just another word for extra cupboard space

The beauty of your winter storage solution is that you can turn it into a summer storage solution too. That solves the out of season items problem for good! And because winter things are often quite bulky, you’ll probably have even more cupboard space to organize your things in when summer comes around. Take that Martha Stewart! You are the new domestic diva!

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