Thursday, December 15, 2016

How Storage King Can Save You Time Waiting For Deliveries

If there is one thing Storage King prides itself on it’s our ability to work with clients, simplifying their operations, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Nowhere, in our experience, is this more noticeable than in the time lost while our clients wait for deliveries. At Storage King, we understand time management, which means we have a solution for you.

When a company has to guess the time their products will be delivered, or worse, when those deliveries don’t show up at all, those companies lose money. A major component of running a profitable, successful company involves the accurate and timely distribution of the products they are selling. This is why, at Storage King, we provide delivery notifications with receipt and dispatch of goods.

Clients have expressed on numerous occasions how grateful they are to work with a company that stays true to their word. They tell me that our trusted dispatch system has freed up workers to concentrate on alternative business opportunities, which has increased the profitability of the business. But even more than this, they tell me about the increased morale amongst the staff. And I understand that. Because who likes waiting on a company for a product that is never going to show up? No one.

When you choose Storage King, you are choosing the lead experts in the industry. We promise accurate delivery notifications so you and your staff can focus on the real business at hand.


Robbie Rae.

Corporate Accounts Manager

For more information, visit or contact me directly via LinkedIn.

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