Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How Our National Accounts Program Can Save Your Business Time And Money

No matter if you run a plumbing company or your own retail store, everyone loves a bargain. Imagine a storage system large enough to accommodate your needs no matter the location. Think about the money you would save if you only paid for the storage and time you required with no excess penalties. Storage King’s National Accounts Program is the perfect way to simplify your operations and reduce costs.
At Storage King we are all about efficiency. When you join our National Accounts Program, we provide you with a National Account Coordinator who liaises with our stores so you don’t have to. Further, we only invoice you once for your account. This saves you precious time and money freeing up your staff for the jobs that really matter.
We put you in the driver’s seat. You can change your account details with a single phone call or authorise staff to act on the account on your behalf.
Let’s talk consolidation. When you bring your entire account to Storage King we are happy to offer wholesale rates. We even have the ability to negotiate third-party storage sites should we be unable to accommodate your needs. Our delivery notification system alerts you when your product has arrived saving you further money and time.
Our National Accounts Program is for those who want to save money by gaining a competitive financial advantage over their competition while retaining complete control over operations. Our competent staff are waiting to take your call and we look forward to chatting with you soon.
Robbie Rae

Corporate Accounts Manager

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