Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Create the perfect summer entertaining area

Summer! And with it comes holidays, stone fruits, long days, and so many parties.

Now that Christmas and Boxing Day are out of the way, are you prepared for New Year’s Eve? How about Australia Day? Or are you still coping with the kids home for the school holidays in the space you have?

Is it time to clear some space both indoors and out? We all have at least one reason to set up a perfect entertaining area. Or maybe you have another reason to clear some space.

Maybe you’d like to create the perfect summer entertaining area in your backyard.

Use one of those impending parties to get family and friends together and assess where you want your future holiday entertaining area to be, then decide how much you need to declutter.

What do you need help with? 

Your friends can help with ideas but they’re not a ‘concierge’.

Maybe that’s what you need next, a concierge.

Let’s focus on the ‘More’ for a moment as we remind you that we’re the Kings of Storage, Moving and More.

That first step is a good assessment of your space. The next could be a thorough clean-up. And then what?

If some temporary storage is in order, as you create your perfect space, then we can help. But not just with self-storage. Think of us as a concierge service. Tell us what outcome you want to achieve and let us offer you options.

Give us a call in Australia or New Zealand

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