Sunday, August 30, 2020

Aussies Across the Board Can Now Access Handy, Affordable Parcel Delivery Options

Parcel King serves customers across Australia in myriads of ways, offering, easier, affordable, and more convenient ways to move valuables from point A to B.

From deliveries within neighbourhoods to international shipments, Parcel King's services are boundless, allowing customers to send and receive deliveries from just about any corner of the globe. Parcel King serves all customers with the same level of energy and commitment, providing well rounded logistics solutions and prompt deliveries consistently. Whether delivering documents, office equipment, production inventories, household items, or personal belongings, Parcel King provides customers with an equivalent set of affordable, efficient delivery solutions.

Parcel King's freight services can handle up to 20kg of goods with lengths of up to 1.2 metres long. Their services also come in handy for business and individuals across the board because they're always ready to take up your requests and make deliveries promptly. As such, Parcel King can help save a tonne of hassles - literally, helping them convey goods from one point to another without extensive planning, hefty expenses, and having to hop from one establishment to another.

Freight Services for Small, Frail, Large, and Heavy Items

Parcel King always makes goods deliveries equally easy for all customers, whether transporting household items or large, heavy industrial inventories.

With various delivery options, you simply say where to pick up your goods and where to deliver them, and that’s it. Your goods will be delivered in a moment’s notice and you won’t have to worry about tracking and monitoring goods on transit.

Why Storage King is the best bet for your Storage & Logistics

Storage King has an unmatched track record with our service use always on the rise. That’s because we’re giving more and more businesses and individuals access to cost-effective, highly streamlined, and efficient storage and delivery solutions.

We’re always available to provide streamlined services to our customers across every nook and cranny of the region. We offer highly competitive pricing that helps customers save multiple costs. 

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