Friday, October 30, 2020

5 Nifty DIY Solutions for Backyard Storage

You'd be surprised by how a whole lot more can go into your backyard storage with some nifty DIY backyard storage solutions. With more storage space in your backyard, you'll be better off to deal with clutter, organise your home, and make your working tools and other important accessories easier to access. Besides their functional purpose, these simple DIY backyard storage ideas can also spruce up your backyard. You can customise them according to the available space you want to place them in, as well as your personal preferences, and the architecture of your home. 

Pots and Planters

Got some unused pots and buckets lying around? A whole lot of small to medium-sized items can go into some of the good ones. Unused drawers, cans, and even containers can also serve up more storage. You can also paint them with any desired colour to spruce up your backyard. 

Ladder Shelves

Another easy-going DIY storage solution, ladder shelves can take up anything from garden equipment to sporting gear, kids toys, and lots more. Alternatively, you can stack up crates to form a vertical-standing shelf, but take care to load only small, light items on them. Or you can also take advantage of your backyard's vertical space with hanging organisers, decked stands, and other similar storage solutions.

Multifunctional Furniture and Equipment

The benches, tables, and settees in your patio, pavilion, BBQ area, and other areas of your backyard can also serve up ample storage space. Opt for outdoor benches and settees with built-in storage. Have some wine crates lying around, stack them up to form a table and store up light gardening tools and other light items inside them. Some items can create more room to hold other items. For instance, you can store your rake with the head up to hang gloves and other light items on the teeth. 

Decked Boxes

You can also stack up boxes to create more storage room from your backyard's vertical space. Ideally, you can opt for large boxes to take advantage of both vertical and horizontal space. But you should also take care to store heavier items in lower decks to avoid opening and closing issues that may be caused when too much weight is exerted from the boxes above.

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