Tuesday, March 30, 2021

5 Convenient Storage Tips for Home Renovation

Home renovation is usually more demanding than the interior work of a new home because with the former, there are a whole lot more things to move around. From your clothes to furniture, artwork, and utensils, you need to properly put away your belongings to prevent them from collecting dust, dirt, bruises, and or worse damages.


However, some storage hacks can help you easily get everything out the way safely so you can carry out your kitchen remodelling, bathroom refitting, and other home renovations seamlessly. 

Remove, Declutter, and Reorganise Everything

After determining which part of the house you want to renovate, make an inventory of everything in that space. Now, organise the items on your list into categories for those that you need to dispose of, move to another room, or leave in the room.

You should also choose a central location for all the items you need to move out. Ideally, you should move them all out to the living room or any room that spares you the largest space.

Acquire the Most Suitable Storage Options

After determining what to move and where to move them to, the next thing you should consider is how to store them in their new temporary location. Ideally, you should choose packing and moving materials that’ll properly protect your belongings from the dust, fumes and debris flying from the refitting activities. You can opt for sturdier cardboard boxes and use bubble wraps and other sturdier instead of newspapers.

You should also consider movable storage solutions like rolling racks for clothing and lightweight plastic rolling bins for odds and ends. With these, it’ll be easier to move your belongings in and out of storage before and after the renovation or as deemed necessary.

If you’re running short of storage space, use vertical storage solutions like lightweight stackable bins, which allow you to store more in less space.

Use Proper Labels

You might want to avoid throwing things into random containers, and instead sort them into properly labelled ones. This will save you countless minutes of searching for specific items through a heap of random boxes. Labels will also help you keep each item in the most suitable storage unit. 

Label each container based on rooms and item categories like breakables, plastics, etc. Also, you should consider keeping containers of items you’ll need sooner closer to the entrance.

Opt for a Self-Storage Unit

Or you can avoid the inconveniences of waiting on others and help yourself to a self-storage unit. Opt for units in storage facilities that are well-secured and easily-accessible. Storage King also offers additional services to help ease the moving process, including local recommended removalists.