Sunday, May 30, 2021

5 Essential Tips for Hiring a Removalist


Moving can split your attention in every direction. To help free up your precious time and energy for other important tasks, expert removalists offer well-rounded services that enable a sweat-less packing and moving process. Removalists can help avoid all the upheavals and errors that might end up causing dents or damages to your belongings.

If you don’t have a reliable removalist in your phonebook and have no prior experience with hiring one, we’ve put together this guide to help you hire the best removalist service. 


Go for Experienced Hands

You’d want stable, trained hands to handle your precious belongings. You’ll most likely be better off with a removalist service that has a proven track record. Ideally, it should be a company with a strong local presence that’s familiar with the location and unique moving challenges of your area.

Check for the company’s customer satisfaction rating. You should choose a company that’s not only old but also has a good reputation with great reviews from many satisfied customers. The company’s customer reviews will also help give you a good idea of how it handles issues like broken items or missing items.


Inform Your Mover About Everything

Make sure your mover gets the correct details of all the belongings you want to move – the number of boxes, frail items that need special attention, etc. This will help you avoid any additional costs down the line.

Some removalist service providers offer free inspection calls to make in-person assessments of your belongings as the setting of the location.

Nonetheless, it’s always important to inventory your belongings thoroughly and check the conditions of all the items before and after the move.


Check for The Deposit Amount

Most removalist services will ask you to make an advance payment to secure your deal. But beware of those that ask for a large part of the total sum upfront. 


Read Thoroughly Through The Terms and Conditions

You should have a written agreement that addresses things like the pickup and delivery time and place, and liabilities. Ask the company about their insurance policy. Reputable companies offer some sort of insurance plans to bear liability for goods lost or damaged under their care. Also, you can ask your removalists for other special considerations depending on your unique needs.


Minimise Costs as Much as Possible

It’s also advisable to do the little you can to save up on costs when hiring a removalist. You can pack up and unpack on your own or with friends and family, and let the removalists handle just the loading and moving.

We Can Help!

Contact your nearest Storage King location and our Storage Consultants can assist in providing a local recommended removalist to help you with the move. We can also help equip you with the right boxes and packing materials which are viewable online or in-store.