Wednesday, December 15, 2021

6 Self-Storage Mistakes To And How You Can Easily Avoid Them

A self-storage unit can make life easier for you, but some self-storage mistakes could potentially ruin your storage experience. From the poor choice of the facility to wrong packing, and storing inappropriate items, storage mistakes can make it harder to access your belongings in their pristine form.

But with due diligence and keener attention to detail, these mistakes can be avoided.

Rushing into Things

The most common mistake people make is not creating enough time for their move. They fail to do the needful on time, then find themselves scrambling at the last minute.

By setting aside ample time to plan and execute your move, you can avoid damaging your goods, choosing a less-desirable facility, and incurring unnecessary costs in a hurried move.

Overlooking the Security Features

The first thing that should come to mind when considering storage facilities is the level of security. Take out time to inspect the facility’s security features. Ask the management what measures they have in place to protect stored valuables.

Opting for the Wrong Storage Size

Many storage facilities offer flexible storage plans that let you adjust your unit size according to your needs. But even in the most flexible case, you might have to wait weeks or even months (probably until the current contract expires) to change your unit size.

Storage facilities like Storage King help customers avoid this mistake with free consultations and inspections to provide accurate estimates of the needed storage size.

Not Cleaning Before Packing

Cleaning your belongings properly before storing them away can help preserve them in pristine conditions. Dirt and dust not only become harder to remove the longer they stay but can also give rise to mould growth, pest infestation, and rapid decay, which could seriously damage your belongings.

Packing Material Mistakes

You need to ensure that your goods are wrapped up and packed with the appropriate packing materials. Avoid using incorrect box sizes for different items. Don’t use newspapers as wrappers. The newspaper ink can easily latch on and stain the wrapped items.

Packing Mistakes

You also want to make sure that you pack your belongings in a way that’s effective and accessible. Avoid overloading containers and moving heavy boxes. Each container should have a moderate load of similar items. Place heavier and more durable objects at the bottom and the lighter and frail ones on top.

Another common packing mistake is failing to label containers properly. Label the boxes properly so you can spend less time searching when retrieving your goods.