Saturday, January 15, 2022

5 Storage Tips for Preserving Frail Items

One of the biggest causes of concern when moving is how to handle fragile items. These items are often memorabilia, keepsakes, designer clothing, etc. Damaging or losing them doesn’t just set you back a few dollars, it could cause some serious emotional pain because we usually develop a special attachment to them.

Here are some important tips to keep at the back of your mind when moving them.  

Assemble the Right Packing Supplies

First, you’d want to make sure every packing material is in place before you begin packing so you don’t get tempted to pack your items using whatever’s within reach, which might eventually not be the best call for your frail items. 

Speak with your local Storage King storage consultant who can advise you on the best packing items to use depending on the item you wish to store.

Cushion Your Boxes

Don’t just load the items directly into a box or plastic bin. Make sure you line the bottom and walls properly to avoid fiction when the items drift around inside the box. You can use wrapping materials like wrapping paper, bubble wrap, etc., and create two or even three layers of lining. 

Wrap The Items

Make sure to use generous quantities of wrapping materials to wrap each item. Ideally, you should wrap each item two-three times for extra cushioning. The extra wrapping also provides greater protection against the element to further preserve the items in their pristine form. For heftier items that cannot be carried in a box, use even more layers of wrapping materials for adequate protection.

Create Cushioning Spaces In-between

And as you’re stacking items inside the box, make sure to leave some spaces filled with soft dividers or wrapping materials in-between each item. That way, you’ll minimise chipping and grazing when the items collide inside the box during transit. 

Soft dividers also keep groups of items properly separated inside the box, so things don’t get tossed up during movement. 

Pack Items in The Right Box Sizes and Use Clear Labels

Overpacked boxes or boxes that are too heavy to carry are a recipe for disaster. Heavy items should be placed in separate boxes to make them easier to carry.  

And don’t forget to label the boxes properly. You can simply label each box “Fragile” to alert handlers to the need for extra care. 

These tips are super simple to implement, and the extra wrapping materials can pay for themselves by preserving the lifespan of your belongings.