Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How To Overcome Decluttering Dilemma and Determine What To Dispose

It’s that time of the year again when we make new resolutions and swear to live by them. Some old habits will need to make way for new ones. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to let go of some old belongings. And just like old habits, you might struggle to make decisions and move on from the things you need to dispose of. To boot, the gifting season might even present tougher decisions with new items thrown into the mix.

If you’re struggling to get your space back from mounting clutter, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered. In this mini-guide, we’ll help you overcome indecisions and overwhelm when decluttering. 

Let’s get rolling! 

Set Goals and Boundaries

Before starting, you need to take some time out to think things through. What exactly do you want to achieve with this bout of decluttering? Do you want to free up some space to create a free room or make room for new items? Are you switching to a minimalist mindset? 

Your decluttering goals can differ from one room to another, so keep that in mind when tackling each room.

Determine Things That Are Past Their Expiry Date

And we’re not just talking about throwing out expired food – obviously, you do that every other day. We’re referring to things you initially planned on using for a certain period and it’s way past that period now. 

From legal and tax paperwork that are no longer required to be retained to clothing and items you bought for a specific occasion that happened long ago, these ‘expired’ items have served their main purpose, and it might be high time you let go. 

Determine What’s Consequential

Another way to decide between what to keep and what to discard is by weighing up the consequences of losing them. What exactly will it cost you if you lose them? Will it make you a little upset, but not something you can’t get over with what you still have with you? 

You can throw out things that can easily be replaced anytime the need arises. For keepsakes and memorabilia, you can opt for their leanest version (even a photo of them) – just something to remind you of them. 

And if they have duplicates, that’s all the better. You can simply keep one or a few units and discard the rest. 

Can You Put Them To Other Uses?

Also, consider things that you could put to better use than just letting them lie around and take up space. You can rent out the spare bikes and sporting gear to free up your garage. Got old devices like printers and TV screens that you’ve since replaced? Consider trading them at your local pawn shop. 

Still need more space???

You should consider using a storage unit to help the decluttering process. A storage unit is versatile and usually works in a month to month agreement. Contact your local Storage King store for more information.