Tuesday, March 15, 2022

5 Storage Tips to Improve Productivity in Ecommerce and Online Businesses

Need a better-organised home-based online business? One of the best ways to improve efficiency and productivity in your home-based business is through a better-organised space. By maximising your space, you can enjoy the mental health, productivity, and time-management benefits of a clutter-free environment.

Easier access to your valuables and clean, healthy surroundings can help simplify and promote convenience in your business process.

Running an online clothing shop, grocery shop, or electronic shop? Here are storage tips to help you better organise your paperwork, equipment, and stocks.


Create a Tailored Organisation Framework

First, take some time to plan out an organisation's strategy. Where should all the paperwork go? What about your business supplies and products ready to be shipped out? Do you have enough space at home or should you consider self-storage units?

Create a labelling system for valuables in storage to make it easier to retrieve them. You can use numbers, words, codes, or a combination of all to track categories and subcategories of items. If possible, opt for an inventory tracking software to digitise further simplify the tracking process.


Assemble Packing and Packaging Materials

To make it easier to stay organised, assemble packing and packaging materials in a designated spot. These can range from measuring tapes to packing tapes, wrapping materials, cardboard boxes, racks, and shelving units. Your local Storage King location will be able to assist you with these items. 

Create and Maintain a Thorough Inventory

Make sure the position of every item is properly recorded and updated. Use a thorough-going inventory list to keep track of all your stored items. If possible, create a map of your storage showing exactly where each item is situated.

Or you take pictures of your storage every time you move something in or out. Keep the map or pictures close to the storage unit or in an easily accessible place like your website so you can find and update it easily when needed.

Get a Flexible Self-Storage Space

If your online business is quickly outgrowing your home, it’s probably high time you considered self-storage.

Besides security and ease of access, you should also consider flexibility when searching for self-storage options.

Talk to your Storage King consultant about your unique business needs and storage requirements to help you deal with any rising need.

Optimise Your Space

Some storage hacks can help you store more in less space both at home and in self-storage. Maximise on vertical space – you can stack your items up to the ceiling or use wall hangers, pegboards and high shelves to place items up on a wall.

Arrange items from the entrance according to how frequently they’re used. The more frequently they’re needed, the closer they should be to the entrance. You’ll find it easier to grab what you need from storage most of the time.