Wednesday, May 4, 2022

5 Tips for choosing your Removalists

Removalists take the hassle out of your moving day, making it swift and sweatless. But that’s not a guarantee – your choice of the right removalists can make all the difference. There are several factors to consider when searching for a removalist.

You need to ensure that your precious belongings are handled with absolute care and professionalism, and, of course, for the right price. Also, the process of working with a removalist needs to be as seamless as possible to take as much as possible off your plate.

Here are a few important tips to keep in mind when choosing a removalist:

Ask for Recommendations

Got friends or family who moved recently? Ask if they can recommend the removalist they used. Even those who haven’t moved might still have some sound recommendations to give.

Your local Storage King store will be able to provide you with their recommended removalists but also organise with the removalist as well. Reach out to your local Storage King store to find out more.

Check and View Feedback 

Any removalist with a reputable presence online will most likely be a safe bet. There are some small, less-known removalists that don’t have much of a presence online but can still do an excellent job. But a removalist with a proven track record will give you more confidence and put you at greater ease.

Choose a removalist with years of experience and a good number of customer reviews. Check for the removalist's reviews on reputable review sites like Google My Business and TrustPilot. A few bad reviews isn’t necessarily a red flag, but steer clear of removalists with one too many negative reviews.

Compare Quotes

Cost is usually one of the drawbacks preventing people from hiring reputable removalists. But some top-draw removalists offer highly competitive pricing – some even offer many ways to save cost.

Compare quotes from various removalists before making your choice. Most removalists charge by the hour and that provides a lot of wriggle room in the pricing. For instance, you can pay only for the hours needed for work you can’t do on your own. So you can pack up and unpack yourself, and pay only for loading and unloading your items.

Also, ask about anything that might incur extra costs like last-minute changes in plans.

Check for Services Offered

Your removalist should offer services that fit your individual needs. Do they have trucks that can accommodate your large furniture? 

And what about their availability? Will they be around on weekdays and work-free days when you’ll have time to move?


A fleet of moving trucks isn’t necessarily proof of legitimacy. Check that your removalist is accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Removalists with an AFRA accreditation must meet certain standards in relation to equipment, vehicles, premises and staff training to complete a professional move.

All of these considerations will help you get a firm grip on your moving day. You can put your precious belongings in good hands at an affordable price, and rest assured that your goods will be handled with a high level of professional care.