Saturday, July 30, 2022

5 Solid Tips for Organising your Home Gym


Home gyms are one of a few quarantine-inspired habits that have stuck with us long after the lockdowns. Now more than ever, people are coming to appreciate the convenience of keeping fit from the comfort of home.

However, while you’re busy building your abs and working on your core energy at home, a clutter of gym gear could be piling up in the background.

And your enthusiasm for home gyming could lose steam when the inconvenience from clutter outweighs the convenience of working out from home.

Here are a few ingenious tips to help prevent that from happening.


Explore Vertical Space

One good thing about gym equipment is that they’re sturdy and can be stored upright. That means you can easily stack them up in vertical storage spaces like racks and drawers or hang them on walls. You can hang them on beautiful peg walls and hangers that’ll contribute to your room’s aesthetics.

Equipment that cannot be stacked up or hung on a wall should be placed vertically on the floor. With that, not only will they take up less space but they’ll also be more visible so you can spot them easily.


Opt for Foldable Equipment

Next time you want to splash on your gym equipment, consider flexible options that could easily be folded into storage. They don’t necessarily have to fold down all the way. Even if you can only fold a few parts like the arms or legs, it’ll still be a huge space saver.


Bring in the plastic bins, baskets, and sturdy containers

Get a couple of containers and designate each one to a certain class of items. For instance, small handy items like kettlebells, dumbbells and skipping ropes can go into baskets, while yoga mats and other large but foldable items can go into cube organisers and drawers. Also, consider using portable, rollable containers that can help you easily move your gears in and out of storage.


Explore Multipurpose Furniture

Get creative with your furniture and explore those that can serve many purposes. Think of a rollable multipurpose bench that provides storage room for your equipment and can easily be rolled out of sight. How about a multipurpose cabinet with many compartments inside and arms on the outside for hanging barbells and other equipment?


Consider a Self-Storage Unit

You can store away seasonal gym items like sports equipment at your local Storage King facility rather than let them sit idle on badly needed space in your home.

Storage King has various sizes and offers flexible storage options.