Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How Tradies can take the stress out of their day by storing their tools!

For a tradie, nothing is more important than the safety of their tools. A tradie’s tools are the lifeblood of their work. Without them it is nearly impossible to earn an income. Luckily, at Storage King, we understand this too. We know what a challenge it can be to assure the safety of your tools around the clock. This is why we have come up with the perfect solution to simplify your life so you can focus on your work, family and friends: the things that really matter.
Tools are expensive! When you have multiple apprentices it is expensive to buy the same tools for everyone. Why not use the storage space as a depo or drop off point where you can have one set of tools and share it as your team needs it for their jobs
Your tools will be kept safe in storage units. Locking your tools in your truck where they might get stolen or in your house where they can get in the way creates potential risks for your tools. By using a storage unit you have peace of mind knowing your tools are being monitored 24 hours a day.
There’s a storage unit to fit for you. No matter what trade you’re in and what tools you have, storage facilities can accommodate. Storage units come in all shapes and sizes ranging from lockers to commercial and domestic sized units. So whether it’s just you storing tools for yourself, or you want to store your whole work crew’s tools, there are a variety of storage solutions to accommodate your situation.
Storage units are convenient. There is a steady increase in our storage facilities in Australia. Storage King has over 160 locations nationwide! Finding a unit close to home or work is merely a phone call away.
 You can easily access your unit. Heading to work, doing a home renovation, or lending your tools to a mate. There’s always a reason to grab your tools. Storage King facilities are also open 7 days a week. So storing your tools in a unit, no matter what day of the week, you will be able to fetch them on route to a job.
 There’s never been a better time to look into storing your tools. Whether you are looking for temporary storage or a more permanent solution, when you choose Storage King you are keeping your tools safe, and saving time and money. With the New Year fast approaching, why not consolidate your operations and let us take care of your storage needs.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Garage Sale Trail

Kings and Queens! We are thrilled to be involved in this year’s Garage Sale Trail, with many of our Storage King stores around the country sponsoring or participating in their own community garage sales! Garage sales can be a great day of treasure hunting, bargain finding, haggling and supporting your local community.

Some of the great reasons we joined the trail this year:

It’s a haggler’s dream – Whether you go in seeking that perfect coffee table or stumble upon it by accident, you never know what you might find! If you don’t have space in your home just yet, Storage King offers simple storage solutions that could work for you. You could be finding some unique treasures that could find a great place in your home. Plus, the price will be only a fraction of what you’d pay for it brand new!

Help the planet – Last year Garage Sale Trail helped sell hundreds of thousands of items that could have instead ended up in a landfill and even avoid expensive and energy intense recycling. Uncover some wonderful items and help the planet simultaneously. Help find those items a home – you never know what you’ll score! A top selling item at garage sales is kids toys that have been grown out of. So if you’re looking for that next toy that will keep your little ones entertained, you may be in luck!

Bring on the new experiences – Discover a new board game to share with family or pick up a weight set and get in shape for summer. Not to mention, meet new people and form great relationships with neighbours that live around your area! You’ll never know who you’ll meet.

We’re very proud of all of the Storage King locations involved in this year's Garage Sale Trail. Get in touch with your nearest Storage King here to see how your local store will be getting involved this Saturday 22 October!
Many of the stores have a great day planned with a variety of locations offering handmade artisans and
crafts, cupcakes, sausage sizzles and more. Even some of our Storage King customers will be opening their
vaults to unload some of their items! 

Our participating teams would love to see you at one of our locations, so blaze your own trail by hoping on the Garage Sale Trail website or download their app to start planning your ‘treasure trail’! Don’t forget to tag us in your photos so we can see what treasures you scored! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Storage while you're selling & moving house.

Moving house? Storage King to the rescue!

Moving house: it’s not something we do for fun, is it? All the same, the time comes when we have to move on to pastures new. Getting storage space can take some of the stress out of your move, making the whole process a lot smoother and easier on frayed nerves. In fact, statistics show that the prime reason for taking storage space is the need to put a few things away over the moving period. But surely moving simply means packing up, moving on and packing out? Our investigations show there’s more to it than that!

Selling up
If you own your home rather than renting it, moving means you have to get the old place sold first. We already know that the better the impression we make on prospective home buyers, the faster our properties will sell, but what’s to be done about all the things that make our homes look lived in? Buyers want to see everything crisp and uncluttered even though they know everything will move when we move. What’s to be done?

Moving our loved but less than impressive belongings into storage is a great solution. The family room couch that Fido has turned into his favourite bed, grandma’s comfy armchair that you love but nobody else does, and the antique dresser you picked up for a song and keep meaning to refinish are among the items you can put out of sight in a storage facility along with your decades-long collection of National Geographic and the books and toys you don’t need every day but still want to keep.

Between houses
Imagine this. You’ve just landed your dream job. There’s just one problem. You have to move right across the country to take it. What with finishing up at your old job and getting your home in order for the move, you just don’t have time to drive hundreds of kilometres every time a suitable sounding new home falls open, and you wouldn’t want to sign a lease or buy a new home without having a good look around first.

The obvious solution would be to get temporary lodgings for yourself and your family and look around at what’s available for a more permanent arrangement at your leisure. But who wants to move house twice if once will do? Instead of unpacking everything or living with mountains of boxes while you search for the ideal home, you can put everything you don’t need right away into storage. There’ll be plenty of time to unpack once you’ve found the right place to call home.

Just get this stuff out of my way for now!
If you’ve got a fair amount of time to prepare for your move, packing up things you don’t often use ahead of time can save you stress. But what’s to be done with the boxes? Nobody likes having a stack of boxes standing around in the hallway for weeks on end. Eliminate the issue by getting storage space so that you can pack in your own time without the inconvenience of having to live with the consequences of multiple boxes!

Too much stuff! I need to think about this…
If you’re moving from a large home to a smaller one, you might have way too much stuff to fit into it. Selling up a few pieces makes sense, but you might not want to let your Queen Anne chairs go for pennies just because you’re in a rush. Besides, you still have to get settled in the new place, and there might be some chopping and changing. As for empty nesters, you know your kids are going to have a fit if you get rid of the bits and bobs they left behind. Asking them to pick it all up is a fair call, but is it going to happen in time? Pop those goodies into storage to give everyone time to get them organised.

Storing the things that make your house a home

Finding safe storage space for beloved belongings doesn’t have to be hard work. Storage King has secure storage facilities across Australia. Store it all away locally or get it transported to near the location where your new home will be. You have plenty of options, and you can even get packing materials to make your task easier.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Spring Cleaning: #ClutterCulprits

Whether you’re considering relocating to another country and want to keep your accumulated stuff in storage while you check things out, or whether you’re staying put, there are some sentimental things that sometimes clutter your home. 

Even if you aren’t going anywhere, you might decide that the storage of excess things is worth it. Suppose your kids are almost ready to leave home, and you want to keep a few things aside for them – or your youngest child isn’t quite ready for an older child’s almost-new hand-me-downs. Storage is a great solution.

September is a busy time for moving around and clearing out winter items. If you are relocating, you’ll want to keep your precious and irreplaceable items stored safely until you’re sure the new house will become a real home. 

If you’re travelling for several months, storing household contents away will make it possible to rent out your home for extra income. You’re always going to have meaningful items that should never be thrown away, but sometimes take up a little too much space. That’s why Storing these items are a great solution – or even just to have extra space if you’re staying home.

Before you store, use these basic guidelines:
Store sentimental items. Make sure these items stay safe, especially if they aren’t things you’re going to use every day, it’s best to make space in the home without throwing them away.
Make sure all your garments are clean before they go into storage, you don’t want precious memorable items to be damaged or stained.
Be absolutely sure of what you need most often so you can store the items you don’t use as much. Why store items that you’re going to need every week? Save space for those winter items you don’t always use but can’t live without, like that big fluffy blanket that’s too hot to use during summer.

Best solutions for your Spring Clear-out:

Blitz your wardrobe – Put your loved, seasonal clothing in storage to free up your wardrobe. You deserve to remember the good times, and your clothes hold a story worth remembering.
Don’t forget the shoes – Your children only get one pair of first shoes, but sometimes it’s best to keep them stored in a safe, secure place so your home doesn’t feel cluttered with items.
Books, books, books – They tell a story, more than what’s written on the pages. Much like your clothing, a special or sentimental book can hold an emotional thought that won’t ever fade.
Stuff from your childhood – Your kids might not want it right now, maybe you don’t even want these things right now. But with simple storage solutions you can make sure they stay safe and away from danger, whilst decluttering your home.
Old toys, games and puzzles – Involve your kids, favourite old games should be kept, but sometimes there just isn’t enough room. Storing these items is a great way to make sure your home is de-cluttered and so that the fond memories never disappear.

Most homeowners find that decluttering once every Spring time helps them keep their homes neat and their sanity intact. When it comes to household clutter, less definitely is more. 

As for storage, as long as you know how to organise your items in the correct manner you probably won’t have to throw any items away. Storage King has flexible storage options for everything from a few boxes to a whole houseful of items. Make the most of the deal

Would you like to find out about storage space and packing materials? Chances are, there’s a branch of Storage King near you. Get in touch!

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Olympic Edition - Storage While You Travel!

There’s great excitement brewing, you’re going to the Olympics! You’ll be away for a while, but as a sports star, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for all your life. Even If you’re just going as a spectator, you’re looking forward to supporting your country’s athletes and seeing some fantastic sporting achievements. Storage is the last thing on your mind at a time like this, but it should be.

What should you store while you’re travelling?
What are the things that burglars like to steal? Computers, DVD players, flat-screen TVs and other consumer electronics are among the items that head the list. The resale value is very good, and it’s easy to get the loot sold fast.

The only thing that burglars like more than electronics are cash and jewellery. Money and valuable jewellery should be stored in a bank, but be careful to hide away or store costume jewellery too. The mere sight of what appears to be a jewellery box could be enough to provoke a break-in, and even if you don’t have anything valuable to steal in the house, you don’t want the damage to your property.

Booze is popular too, so if you have a well-stocked bar at home, consider packing everything up and storing it away securely until you get back. The same goes for power tools – they’re easy to sell off, so don’t leave them where they can get pinched.

Last but not least, expensive ornaments and clothing should be considered for your list of things to store. They’re not as popular, but if you have a suit of clothes or a painting that’s worth a pretty penny, it’s best to play it safe and put it into storage. That way, even if burglars do gain access to your home, they won’t be able to take anything of great value.

Where are you going to store all this stuff?

Choose safe, secure storage from Storage King, of course! It’s the best way to get peace of mind. We have various sized storage units, and conveniently located and safe facilities where your items can be locked away until your return.

Now you can go forth and win gold, cheer on Australia’s finest athletes, or enjoy that holiday of a lifetime without having to worry about the things you left behind.

Ask a friend or neighbour to look in on your home regularly, don’t leave lights burning all day and night (get a timer that will switch them on and off), and ensure your post doesn’t pile up to tell miscreants you aren’t at home. You’re good to go, enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tax Time & EOFY Archiving Tips

It’s tax time, and your deductibles can help you to spend a whole lot less on tax. Unless you have an accountant working for you, chances are, you’ve been saving up all those slips and documents over the course of the year, and now you have to capture all the information and report your earnings. You’ll also have to keep the proof of tax related transactions. But this can involve a veritable avalanche of paperwork.

Generally speaking, you can divide your paperwork up as follows:

·       Papers to keep for one year max: Bank deposit slips, credit card receipts and ATM slips need only be kept until you’ve reconciled your accounts. Insurance and investment statements can be kept until you have fresh ones. When you discard documents, shred them to avoid identity theft.
·       Papers to keep for longer than a year: statements on loans should be kept until the loan is paid off. For big loans, this can be quite a long time. Car papers have to be kept until you sell the car, and proof of investment purchases should be kept until investments are sold.
·       Papers to keep for five years: Keep your tax records for five years to be on the safe side.
·       Papers you should never throw away: Birth certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, your copy of your will, life insurance details and other insurance policies are among the papers you will keep indefinitely.
Where to keep it all

Just as a backup, it’s a good idea to scan all important tax-related documents including proof of income and tax deductible expenses and keep them stored in the cloud. But to be absolutely safe, you also need to store the hard copies.
Over the years, these documents mount up, turning your house into a paper-packed ‘office’. Shelves drawers and cupboard space fill up with papers that you might just need one day, creating clutter as you struggle to find space to store things you use more frequently.
Even offices can get so clogged with paper that finding places to store them all become a problem. You end up with a “clutter room” packed with boxes and boxes of old files.
It’s very tempting throw all those old files away, but what if you have to prove you didn’t play fast and loose with the tax man?

Archive EOFY information safely for next to nothing

To help you solve the knotty problem of document storage, Storage King has designed a handy archive box that lets you store your documents neatly in an organised way. And since Storage King lets you store small as well as large volumes of things you don’t need all the time, it won’t cost much if we tuck them away for you.
Storage is secure as well as being weatherproof, so your original documents and the information they contain are perfectly safe. Organise documents according to date and according to how long they need to be kept so that you can thin down the accumulation of documents you won’t be needing again.
With storage locations all over Australia, you’re sure to find a convenient branch of Storage King to keep your EOFY papers safely in a place where they can’t get in your way.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Winter Storage Hazards

There are some things – actually, a surprising amount of things - you definitely only use in summer. In winter, they’re just in the way. Do you really have space in your closets for your family’s summer clothing and swimwear plus your camping gear, beach umbrella or gazebo?

Avalanche victim!

The cupboard-opening avalanche is just one of the hazards you face. As you emerge from the rubble, rubbing your beach-umbrella-induced bruises, you might be pardoned for using some rather ‘warm’ language that your kids probably shouldn’t overhear.

Blitz or bust?

Meanwhile, you simply don’t have enough space for all the things you’re actually using right now. You face hazard number two: the impulse-blitz temptation. You end up discarding things you’ll kick yourself for not having next summer despite protests from your family. When the time comes, there will be I-told-you-so’s, and you’ll be the subject of the finger-pointing!


Things stacked in corners are gathering dust, you can’t find the things you want when you want them and there’s just about no room for your car in the garage as it is. The walls are closing in. You think longingly of putting a match to the whole lot and doing a runner.
Obviously, this course of action is even more ill-advised than the impulse blitz, so you grit your teeth and push on. Much like an intrepid adventurer hacking his path through dense jungles, you end up having to clear away a mountain of things before you can reach any single objective.

Frayed nerves

If you see one more clutter-free ‘model house’ on TV or see one more blog post about how decluttering reduces stress, there’s no saying what you’ll be driven to. You’d love to declutter, but it’s all useful stuff – just not anything you’ll be using for the next few months. You don’t actually need a bigger home. You just need somewhere to put things!

Seasonal storage to the rescue!

Ta-dah! Storage isn’t just for furniture, and you don’t need to hire a whole self-storage space just for a few boxes of stuff. Those superior types you see in their absolutely clutter free homes are going to be so let-down that their secret is out.
Your family may think you’ve been bitten by the blitz bug when they see you packing boxes, but when you explain that you’re just storing things away for a little while, they’ll probably want to add a few items that have been getting in their way too.

Freedom’s just another word for extra cupboard space

The beauty of your winter storage solution is that you can turn it into a summer storage solution too. That solves the out of season items problem for good! And because winter things are often quite bulky, you’ll probably have even more cupboard space to organize your things in when summer comes around. Take that Martha Stewart! You are the new domestic diva!

Get in touch

Storage for a song really is possible, and with so many storage locations around Australia, Storage King is sure to have secure storage space near you. Call 1800 100 700 today to find out more.