Friday, October 29, 2010

Spring Clean

Check out this story from Aussie Homes blog. Aussie Home Loans

Time to De-clutter to make your home appear bigger and better.

Here are some tips to make your home look larger 

1.  Use same flooring material and color across rooms.  Whenever possible, continue that same surface across rooms. Whatever the surface, try to be consistent wherever possible.

2.  Use lighter colors.  Lighter makes the space look larger.  Same goes for walls.

3.  Use wider planks.  Wider makes the space look larger.  Same goes for - larger tiles make the space look larger.  

4.  Declutter.  The more you can see the floor and walls and space, the cleaner, neater and larger you space will look.   Storage is not as expensive as your think. Look into storing big bulky items, old paperwork, books etc anything you don't use regularly such as camping equipment, suitcases, boxes, wine anything! 

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