Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence

By David Thompson
Storage King Beverley

At Storage King Beverley we pride ourselves on providing customer service excellence.
Customer service excellence - consistent from the first contact onwards. Our positive greeting, followed by asking questions to work out our customers needs, and using our skills and experience to make recommendations and provide simple storage solutions. 
Great customer service - true value for money with our competitive prices combined with a clean, secure, well maintained storage facility is what we are proud to offer, consistently. We keep an eye on our competitors to ensure we have the best value offer - a combination of competitive prices with our sites features & benefits.

We know customers really appreciate our courteous service and professional storage facility due to the high amount of positive feedback and compliments we receive in so many ways - in person, new clients who have been referred to us by existing and past customers, customers who return again (& again), and our favourite – positive reviews on Google, for all to see -  thank you!  


  1. Having just finished a 8 month storage with storage king Dunedin , I can not believe the outstanding customer service that I received from day one, Dan discussed and gave professional advice after listening to my requirements,when I required more packing materials again the right advice came from Dan. the locker was clean and tidy, weather proof and secure. Many thanks storage king Dunedin for your professional outstanding customer service

  2. David, this was a great article about how good customer service is important to a storage service. My husband and I have been looking for a storage service we can use for a while. We want to find a place that will take care of our things and have good customer service. Hopefully we can find one soon!
    Emily Smith |

  3. I think that it is really important when looking for a storage unit to find a place where they are going to treat you right and a place where they have great customer service. I like that this is a focus of this storage unit and they have a whole blog post about it. You want to make sure that your needs are taken care of and you need to research in order to find that kind of company.