Friday, May 8, 2015

A Queen Bee within "The Kingdom"

A Queen Bee within “The Kingdom”
By Debbie Drinkwater – Storage King Adamstown

The Honey Bee is an amazing creature. Their importance within society is beyond measure. They provide sustenance, healing and are a selfless example to mankind within an organised society.
Storage King Adamstown is a hive of activity and like bees to the honey pot Storage King Adamstown is just that to our local community. An iconic Novocastrian landmark for over 15 years the SKAD team (as we are known) are synonymous with professional, friendly and helpful caring customer service.

In times of need and devastation Storage King Adamstown have built up a rapport within the community, offering help and assistance with packing material and complementary services, a shining example of selflessness. In turn the local community know exactly who to turn to, a kindling spirit built up over 15 years of servicing our local community.
The diversity of our roles are unique and every day brings new horizons, new challenges and our favourite new customers;  a constant buzz of the daily comings and goings, delivery drivers, removal trucks, clients moving in, clients moving out and clients purchasing packing and wrapping material. We do the lot. There is never a dull moment for the busy bees, working together and always building and planning for the future.

Much like our counterpart the honey bee, Storage King Adamstown is a working colony.

Bee Inspired!

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