Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Importance of Teamwork in an Organizational Setting


By Paul Gardiner

Store Manager, Storage King Kingston

Teamwork in organizational settings is an important aspect of creating a well-oiled machine to get tasks and projects done. A single team often has a team leader, who guides all members to reach the company’s expectations. In addition, each team leader must include all workers to boost motivation and workplace morale.
Teamwork is important in Storage King because of the scope of the work it performs on a daily basis.  Each employee hired by the company has a certain skill set, which contributes to a single department. In other words, a single department has a collection of workers who each contribute something to reach our goals and objectives.  As a Facility Manager our team is usually just 2 people at a site so the team is very small.  Having a small team of 2 and in some cases just 1 person at a site means we can get that feeling of isolation.  This is where culture performs an important role.   The culture within Storage King creates a feeling of being in a team even if we are solo at a facility.   
Storage King have Managers and Executives who travel frequently, meaning they are not in the office every day. These individuals communicate via email and telephone to stay updated with tasks, assignments and projects . Teamwork is important in these situations because modern technology allows all employees to stay in touch about tasks and assignments despite being long distances apart.  
Storage King is made up of various departments. Sometimes these departments must work together in creating a project or task for the organization, such as the marketing department working closely with the accounting department to create projects on a budget. These departments must work together as a team to meet the company’s goals and objectives, despite having very different functions within the organization.
Another important reason for teamwork is the different backgrounds and ethnicities of people working in Storage King.  Each employee has a different background or experience, meaning each of them can perform differently on any given tasks. Teamwork is important as these differences get ironed out, so all employees think and perform with the same goal in mind. In addition, all employees understand the methods used to reach these goals.

I am proud to say I work for Storage King, and teamwork and culture is one of the best I have experienced in over 20 years in the workforce!

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