Friday, May 4, 2018

Are you buried in paperwork?

At certain times of the year, whether for you it’s annually, quarterly or monthly you can become overwhelmed with the documents which have mounted up.

If you run a small business do you find these documents are turning your house into a paper-packed ‘office’. Shelves, drawers and cupboard space fill up with papers that you might just need one day, creating clutter as you struggle to find space to store things you use more frequently.

Even offices can get so clogged with paper that finding places to store them all become a problem. You end up with a “clutter room” packed with boxes and boxes of old files.

It’s very tempting throw all those old files away, but what if you have to prove you didn’t play fast and loose with the tax man?

Generally speaking, you can divide your paperwork up as follows:

·       Papers to keep for one year max: Bank deposit slips, credit card receipts and ATM slips need only be kept until you’ve reconciled your accounts. Insurance and investment statements can be kept until you have fresh ones. When you discard documents, shred them to avoid identity theft.
·      Papers to keep for longer than a year: statements on loans should be kept until the loan is paid off. For big loans, this can be quite a long time. Car papers have to be kept until you sell the car, and proof of investment purchases should be kept until investments are sold.
·      Papers to keep for five years: Keep your tax records for five years to be on the safe side.
·      Papers you should never throw away: Birth certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, your copy of your will, life insurance details and other insurance policies are among the papers you will keep indefinitely.

Archive information safely for next to nothing

To help you solve the problem of document storage, Storage King has a handy archive box that lets you store your documents neatly in an organised way. 

Sort the documents according to date and according to how long they need to be kept so that you can thin down the accumulation of documents you won’t be needing again.

And since Storage King lets you store small as well as large volumes of things you don’t need all the time, it won’t cost much if we tuck them away for you.

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