Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Easy Ways to Make your Home More Spacey

Concerned about the limited space in your home? Affordable housing is a major concern for many Australians and New Zealanders. The availability of more affordable space is a viable solution, but so also is making the most of available space.

You can maximise the functionality of every unit space in your home while promoting a roomy appearance through simple, inexpensive techniques. Here are 4 cost-effective ways to easily maximise every square foot of space in your home.

Maximise Storage Space on Walls and Doors

From kitchen doors to bathroom doors, and bedroom doors, you can significantly open up more storage space in your home by using door racks. Wall racks and shelves can also go along way, use them as much as possible to store shoes, jewellery, books, tools, etc. You can even hang some items directly on the wall through hooks, including bicycles, gift items, etc.

This will help you free up a significant amount of floor space for a spacier appearance. You can go for custom-made door and wall racks for better aesthetics.

Use Multi-functional Furniture

Multi-functional items can help you save not only space but time and money as well. By opting for multi-functional items, you’ll have fewer items lying around that you hardly put to use.

You can use one multi-functional table for ironing, working, and even playing ping pong, instead of having one for each that you seldom use. You can use ottomans for dining, resting your leg while relaxing on the couch, and even sitting outdoors.

You can also opt for a multi-functional bed. Rather than leave the space under your bed to collect dust, you can convert it to a massive storage unit. Install drawers under your bed as an alternative to your closet. Your headboard can also be converted to a nifty bookshelf or nightstand.

Declutter Regularly

A less-cluttered space gives you a lot less to think about. When you have items that you hardly use lying around, you might feel some guilt for not using them, and at the same time struggle to find space to fit in useful items.

Look around and ask yourself which items can be removed with little or no emotional and functional sacrifice. You can make it a habit to remove such items from your home regularly. To feel less guilty, you can donate these items to charitable organisations or sell or exchange them in market places. You can easily find the right charitable organisations and marketplaces online.

Use Self-Storage

Self-storage is a great option for storing unused goods. You can leave your belongings in a self-storage unit and retrieve them whenever you want to make use of them. Storage King  makes this alternative even more convenient. With state-of-the-art storage facilities located across Australia and New Zealand, you can easily find a secure storage unit close to your home.

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