Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Best Tips to Declutter for the Festive Season

It’s getting close to the best time of the year for shopping sprees and gift exchanges, so you might want to get rid of old stuffs to make way for the new ones. As you make preparations for Christmas decors and retouching your home’s interior, decluttering should be top on the agenda. What’s more, decluttering will also help rid your home of things that might bog down the mood in your home this festive seasons.

To help you swing into a decluttering mode anytime, here are some decluttering hacks you should know of.

Declutter with a Rationale

Many factors can determine how you can declutter your home satisfactorily. If you’re decluttering to make way for Christmas decor, you might just want to focus on seasonal items you’ll likely not use within the season. Ask yourself what are the main features and functionalities you want in your home, and mark out anything that doesn’t contribute to those. The purpose of your decluttering activity can also determine how you put away some items. For instance, if you want more room for the kids to play around in, you can move some furniture or fittings to a corner or a specific space.

Get Everyone Onboard

It’s easy to decide what to move out when we have the home all to ourselves, but when there’s family, then we might want to tread more softly. If you’re living with loved ones, you might want to involve them closely in the decluttering process. Ask them which of their items they’d love to keep and why they’d prefer any item to take up their precious space. Also, when decluttering, return borrowed items, and do away with the belongings of others who’re no longer with you, like your ex, your grown up children who’ve moved out, your late relatives, etc.

Ditch Indifferent Items 

If you feel indifferent to an item, then perhaps it’s time to let go of it. Move out anything that doesn’t move you. Look around you and ask yourself if you’d be proud to use, wear, or flaunt an item, especially if you’ve not used it for a long time. If not, then you won’t feel any guild or displeasure moving it out.

Give Your Items a Second Hand Value

Make sure you ditch your cleared out items the best way possible. Anything that’s still in good condition can make you some money, or can earn you the gratitude of charities. But don’t just dump your items at a charity, ensure their condition is good enough for you to present to a friend first. If an item doesn’t have a second-hand value, then it’s best to leave it in a bin.

Declutter by Category

The method you use to declutter can significantly affect your decluttering habit. You’ll grow wary of decluttering when it becomes a boring chore. One way to keep our minds engaged when decluttering is using categories. You can use the four box method, where you keep items in four different boxes for relocating, storing away, giving away, or dumping.