Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tips for keeping your belongings in good Condition in Storage During Summer

Summer is a peak period for self storage, as people put away their non-summer belongings to revel in the outdoor charms of the cosy summer sun. As the festive seasons kick in, most people would be wary of issues getting in the way of their festivities. The ‘bushfire season’ accompanying summer is also another major source of concern as people get worked up about their belongings, and what to do to keep them away from any potential bushfire threat.

Storing in summer requires some specific measures that provide extra protection for your stored items. Here are some crucial summer storage tips that will help keep your belongings in pristine condition, protected from the elements and any potential bushfire outbreak.

Make Use of Packing Materials

The first and easiest thing you can do to give your stored belongings proper protection against the elements, dusts, and pests is to pack them using packing materials. Newspapers and cardboard boxes are ideal, but when using cardboard boxes, use packing peanuts and other similar materials to protect the edges of your items from dents resulting from impacts. Items that you’ll be storing for a long time should be protected with polystyrene peanuts, which are more powerful insulators.

Keep your Items Clean and in Working Condition

Before putting any item away, make sure they’re clean and in good condition. Dirt and soot attracts pests and mould. Dirt and grime can also damage your items on their own when left on the items for long. You want to be able to put your electronics to use once you retrieve them from storage, so you should make sure of that ahead of time.

Store Away Seasonal Items

During summer, you’ll most likely not need a lot of items you’ve used during other seasons. These include winter clothing, heating equipment, microfiber comforters, etc.

It’d be best to move out these items into storage to free up space in your garage, wardrobe, and other areas of your home for items best-suited for summer. As we’ve mentioned earlier, ensure all the items you’re moving to storage are wiped clean and in good condition before locking them up in a storage unit.

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