Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Holiday Storage Tips: How to Choose Between Internal and Drive-Up Storage Units

Storage organisation becomes increasingly critical as we enter the holiday season. You’ll probably go for Christmas shopping, gifts will come flying in, and family and friends will stop by with their baggage.

In this piece, we’ll help you determine how best to leverage two types of storage – internal and drive-up – during this holiday period.

Many people hardly distinguish between internal and drive-up storage units, and doing so can help them organise their storage more efficiently.

Internal Storage

The major difference between internal and drive up storage units is that the former is located inside a roofed structure while the later is usually a standalone structure. You’ll likely have to walk into a building and then make your way down a corridor before reaching an internal storage unit.

Extensive building walls protect internal storage and also can come with well-raised and finished floors.

If you’re running short of storage space in your home, you can reserve internal storage spaces, including your walk-in closets, cabinets, drawers, and others that are more susceptible to the elements.

Drive-Up Storage

Depending on its design and features, a drive-up storage units can be as good as an internal unit depending on what you need to store, and are a great option when you need to access your space regularly.

They’re easier to access and can be more convenient. Drive-up storage can be just a few steps away from a driveway, so you can easily access them and move things in between the storage and your car or ute.

Drive-up storage units are ideal for storing large, heavy items that are difficult to move around a corridor or hallway. These can be anything from vehicles to work equipment, farming/gardening tools, sports gear and other recreational items.

Unsure what type will best suit you?

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