Saturday, January 30, 2021

Talking tech: Keyless access and the future of self-storage security

Whether it’s in cars, homes, workplaces or storage facilities, keyless access is fast becoming the new gold standard in convenience and security. As mobile technology improves and people become increasingly aware of the benefits of hygienic touch-free options, innovative companies are turning to digital solutions such as contactless smartphone access. 

For these reasons and more, Storage King recently launched Smart Key, the security system that allows people to seamlessly access their storage unit using just their smartphone. We spoke to Area Manager Paul Hearne about how this new technology is working in some of his facilities. Here’s what he had to say. 

So what exactly is ‘Storage King Smart Key’?

In a nutshell, it’s the security system that allows people to access their storage unit using their smartphone. The more technical description is that it’s a cloud-based, Bluetooth enabled digital key management system. Regardless of what you call it, it means you don’t need keys, PIN codes or access cards to get into your unit. 

What opportunities does this technology open up for your customers? 

It offers a lot more than just easy, contactless access. The app allows you to track, monitor and report on all your unit activity – how often it’s accessed, exactly what time it’s opened, even changes in internal temperature. This is particularly useful to business clients who use their units for commercial purposes. 

Another key capability is what we’re calling digital key sharing. Since there’s no physical keys, you now use a digital key. And you can use the app to determine exactly how you want this key to be shared. So if your mate asks to borrow your golf clubs but they are in storage, all you do is share your digital key with them and they can pick up the clubs themselves then drop them back to your unit afterwards. This of course also has endless applications for commercial tenants. We have a lot of tradies, for example, who need to give their contractors temporary access to their storage unit. The best thing is you can revoke their digital key immediately, as well as monitor the activity, so it’s a really secure way to share unit access. It also opens a whole lot of opportunities for facilities to offer services like pickup, delivery and moving. 

Tell us a bit more about the actual technology

The digital keys work via Bluetooth, which means you can access the units using any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or device. The digital “locks” are installed next to each unit’s door. Each lock features water-resistant metal and hardened plastic faceplate with LED lights, motion and touch sensors. Wave your digital key over the top and the unit automatically unlocks. 

There are also motion sensors both inside and outside the unit and infrared-based technology that’s sensitive to changes in temperature. These sensors recognise immediate temperature changes and send a notification to the owner, so you can know every time someone accesses your unit. 

So it’s got a number of security benefits? 

We always pride ourselves on the security of our facilities, but having a digital record of all activity and alerts for after-hours access definitely provides that extra level of confidence. It really gives you full peace of mind that your stuff is safe and secure. 

So how can customers take advantage of this? 

Check if Storage King Smart Key is offered at your local facility. It’s currently only in a few stores, but this will increase over time. Then you just have to download the app and set up your digital key. 

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