Friday, July 30, 2021

4 Pest Control Tips That Guarantee a Longer Lifespan for your Stored Belongings

Pests are unwelcome guests that keep turning up on our doorsteps. People go through a whole lot to store their belongings away from pests and insects, and unfavourable environmental factors. But in some instances, you might have quite a lot on your plate that you may forget to do the needful to store your belongings properly.

To help you ensure your goods are stored properly all the time, we’ve put together a short checklist that you can use to quickly assess how well you’ve stored your belongings.


Prepare Containers and the Surroundings

The first thing you’d want to ensure is that your belongings are stored in a place that’s impervious to pests and rodents. If the storage unit has a history of infestation, you should consider using plastic, glass, or ceramic containers to store the goods and also to spray the area. You can call in pest removal services to help you spray the area more thoroughly.

The containers you use should be airtight and watertight to guard against mould-buildup inside them. You should also check for cracks on the containers and storage unit to ensure that there are no openings where pests can penetrate.


Know the Best Conditions to Store Everything

Have you stored each article in the best possible way? That would require you to know what is the most ideal environmental condition to store each item and how long you can store them away. For perishable goods, you need a cool dry environment plus extra protection against rodents and insects because they’re highly attractive to pests. Items like newspapers, magazines, and old clothing also attract rodents, so you need to store these in air-tight containers.

Things like mould and dirt can also draw pests to your storage unit. You need to ensure that there are no mould buildups or dirt anywhere around the stored goods, whether on the container or in the self-storage unit.


Prepare your Items

You can also try storing items that are attractive to pests in vacuum bags. Besides protecting them from pests, these containers also help you keep out moisture, which creates a conducive environment for pests and insects. Also, you need to clean up other items thoroughly to ensure that they don’t carry stains or food particles that could draw in pests. When cleaning furniture to be stored away, scour through all the nooks and crannies to get rid of any food particles or moisture that might be stuck in them. If you’re storing expensive furniture, it could be worth paying to have it cleaned by professionals.


Choose a Storage Facility with Pest Control Measures

Use a storage facility with top-notch pest control measures. When choosing a storage facility, ask about their pest control measure and also check around for reviews from old customers. Ask about:

  • Proper drainages around the storage units
  • Proper waste management system
  • Contracts with pest removal services for regular inspection and treatment of the storage units.