Friday, October 15, 2021

4 Handy Storage Tips for Home Renovation

Planning to switch out the kitchen fittings or get a complete makeover for your interior design? Some storage and organising tips can always come in handy whenever you’re renovating any part of your home.

With proper organisation and storage, you can minimise the disruptions that might accompany your home renovation. You can also avoid unnecessary costs resulting from avoidable damages to your belongings.

Here are 4 storage tips to keep in mind whenever you’re renovating your home.

Inventory Everything

First, you need to take a full inventory of items in all the areas you want to renovate. Write down every item in the spaces you’ll be working on. You can divide your inventory into categories like the nature of the items, their original position as well as the place they’ll be moved to temporarily. Ideally, you should create a section for unused items that you can get rid of to declutter your space.

Choose a Room or a Spot to Keep your Moved Belongings

Even when you’re renovating every single room in your house, it’s always ideal to dedicate a central space for storage. This could be an unused room like a guest room, basement, or garage. You can also make use of a spot like the middle of your living room or corridor corners.

But you need to make sure the space is neat, weather-proof, secured, and easily accessible. And if you need to work on it down the line, you can choose another central spot to remove the stored belongings and free up the initial storage space.

Use Generous Lengths of Wrapping Sheets

You should consider adequate protection for items that you might want to leave behind in the space you’re renovating – large furniture like your settees or bed frames. Ideally, you should consider covering up anything in the room to protect them from dust, debris, and other elements resulting from the refitting activities, including finished floors and polished surfaces.

Get a Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage can give you more flexibility to renovate your home with greater convenience. You can hold up your belongings for a few weeks or even several months – for as long as it takes to renovate your home.

Self-storage units are often safe, secure, well-conditioned, and easily accessible. You’ll be able to keep your belongings away and safe from the hazards around your renovation site for as long as needed.