Saturday, October 30, 2021

How to Ensure your Storage Unit is Safe Enough at All Times

It’s self-defeating to store your goods in a storage facility but then lose sleep over it. A self-storage unit should put you at ease over the safety and integrity of your stored goods. 

So, what indicators should you look out for when assessing security in a self-storage facility? Let’s take a closer look at these indicators.

Key Security Features of a Sound Self-Storage Facility

A neat, sparkling environment: From first sight, you can tell how orderly and organised a self-storage facility is. A well-maintained facility requires proactive management and keen attention to detail.

Extensive lighting: Intruders often target poorly lit places where they’re less likely to be spotted. Excellent lighting makes it easier to identify and respond to suspicious activities in a storage facility.

Perimeter Fencing: Perimeter fencing is a primary line of defence against thieves and intruders. Try checking around the facility’s perimeter to make sure it’s well-kept and has no broken parts that could be a potential point of entry.

Surveillance cameras: A sound surveillance camera system comprises more than just two security cameras on the entry and exit of a facility.

Electronic Access: Modern storage facilities are fitted with computerised access control that uses pin codes and electronic card keys. This makes it easier to monitor those entering and exiting the facility.

Alarm systems: Modern facilities also come with individual unit alarms that work by enabling or disabling via a pin code, electronic card access or even by a mobile app.

Tips for Protecting Your Stored Belongings

Besides the security measures already in place at your storage facility, there are things you can do on your own to protect your stored belongings:

Avoid Giving Anyone Access to your Unit: Be extra careful when sharing your unit's code or key with others like your employees.

Opt for Insurance: Most facilities offer insurance for stored goods. This can provide great peace of mind.

Keep an Inventory: Create an inventory of your stored goods and update it whenever something is added or removed from your unit.