Thursday, June 9, 2022

5 Handy Camping Gear Storage Tips

Got an insatiable craving for camping gear? Before investing in your umpteenth metal detector or latest outdoor cooking hardware, you might want to consider where you’ll be storing them first. Or perhaps you can’t stop your family members from bringing in more gear and you’re quickly running out of space and time. A few handy camping gear storage tips can help you better manage your household's gear collection. Plus, the better organisation helps guarantee a better camping experience for everyone. You wouldn’t want to spend half the time looking for your bug spray, toothpaste, or other personal effects.


Get into the Habit of Tidying Up

Cleaning up after is usually the part of camping no one wants to deal with and the common cause of a disorderly camping gear storage. Get into the habit of always packing and tidying everything up thoroughly before and after the trip. Keep your load to a minimum, bring along only the necessities.


Store all Your Camping Gear in One Place

To make things easier, avoid the temptation of dumping your camping tools anywhere. When unpacking after a trip, take all the items straight to their designated storage. That way, you can quickly pack and hit the road every time without forgetting some things or spending time looking for others. 


Maintain a Well-Labelled Inventory

Don't just go throwing your camping gear into storage. Stay better organised by inventorying everything using clear labelling. Always keep a list of all your items and update it whenever you take anything in or out.


Use Transparent, Sturdy Bins

Sturdy plastic moving tubs are your best bet for protecting your camping gear from scratches and damages both in storage and during transit. Use separate tubs for separate categories of items and label them properly. Check out Storage King's range of plastic moving tubs.


Exploit Vertical Space

A whole lot can go up in overhead space. Think of wall cabinets, ceiling hangers, wall panels, and stacking boxes. They're a great way to store bogus items that can take up a lot of ground space.

Store your shoes in over-the-door shoe racks.

Dangerous items should also be placed above ground to make sure they don't pose a threat to your kids and other family members. Store all sharp and toxic items like knives and bug repellants in designated sections of your wall panel.


Remove the Batteries

Another thing you can do to keep your camping gear storage well organised and preserved is removing the batteries from all your electronics, from torches to GPS, headlamps and radios. This will help prevent leakages or corrosion that leave a trail of mess. Store the batteries separately in a sealed plastic bag and keep them close to the camping equipment.


Keep Your Gear Cool and Dry

Always make sure you clean and dry your camping gear before returning them to storage after use. You'd always want to find your gear neat, pristine, and well-organised when taking them out.

Storing them wet and dirty is an invitation to mould and pest infestation. Clean out every part of the gear thoroughly, from tent poles to tarps, sleeping bags, etc.

Finally, always ensure they're stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.