Thursday, June 23, 2022

Common Types of Self-Storage Options

The storage industry has dramatically grown over the past few decades. Now, consumers are spoilt for choice, with self-storage sizes for various needs. From very small to extra large units, indoor and outdoor units, and vehicle storage options, there are solutions tailored to different budgets and preferences.

However, due diligence is crucial when searching for a self-storage solution. If you’re not sure which type is best for you, we’ll give you important clues. We’ll take a quick look into the most popular categories of self-storage solutions.


Storage Space Size Categories

Self-storage sizes are roughly categorised into 4 groups – small, medium, large, and vehicle storage. The small type usually ranges between 1m2 to 9m2, enough for a few boxes and some furniture pieces. The medium type typically spans between 9m2 and 18m2, for people who need more ample storage space for uses like holding belongings temporarily during a move or extra storage for a large family home. Large units range from 18m2 for more significant self-storage needs and can fit two to three-bedroom worth of belongings. There are also vehicle storage units for storing seasonal cars, company fleets, etc.

Some storage centres like Storage King make it easier to switch between different types of storage units. For instance, you can easily downsize to a smaller unit or upsize to a larger space.


Long Term & Short Term Storage

The period you want to store your belongings is another crucial factor to consider when shopping for self-storage. You can rent a unit for when you need it, as storage agreements are usually month-to-month. There are usually discounts for longer plans. You can take advantage of these discounts if you’ll be storing for a long time like when storing your dependant's university belongings or when moving temporarily to another city.

However, if you’re undecided about the duration you want to store for, use the convenience of month-to-month self-storage as they avoid long term lock-in contracts that you just have to see out.


What Type of Storage Do You Need?

Still not decided on the type of self-storage solution best suits your needs? The experts at Storage King can help you explore all your options in-depth.

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