Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rupe's Customer Service Advice

I entered the world of Storage King by default.
I was helping a previous employer (Peter Ward of Wendouree Wholesalers) working part time as the Customer Service Manager and also the delivery driver. I was solving clients needs and delivering what they needed. During this time my resume was submitted for a position with Storage King Wendouree. I had no idea what storage was let alone any thought I would be involved five years later.

Customer Service is the key. Listen to your clients. Find out what they are up to. Are they moving house, renovating or getting ready to sell their home? Are they using a removalist or moving themselves? These questions help me find solutions that suit the particular client I am talking to at the time. Everyone is different so each solution must be tailored to the individual with you, or on the phone with you.

Find out what your client needs and solve their problem. Just remember your client may not have any idea of how much is involved or what they are in for so be gentle, be firm but above all be helpful. They may not need or want your help today, however you can be assured they will come back if you look after them.

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