Friday, March 9, 2012

Missing tools and the world of a mobile business

Working as a professional trade’s person can be a difficult and time consuming job.
Your greatest asset is your time, investment you make per customer and the way you solve the problem for the customer, in such mobile times, there is no greater asset than having the ability to be mobile and secure with your resources, this results in greater awareness of who you are and thereby ensuring that you passed on to other potential customers.  Simply word of mouth

Now a lot of the time, being mobile cannot be always achieved, due to the fact that in most cases, being in trades means that you have a small nucleus as a business and not much capital to invest in a office or warehouse.

You cannot be at two places at once, and priority will always go to the next customer. Not to the paperwork and deliveries that you have to receive.
Secondly you are outlaying an enormous amount of money on tools, and when you have several apprentices, that can become a very costly exercise.

Lastly your one greatest headache is tools, where to keep them and how secure can it be when you are leaving them locked in a Ute or van that is parked out the front of your house.
This can be a case of having one sleeping with one eye open.
Well have you ever thought about having a storage unit at an offsite secure facility?
This can solve a major number of issues.

- Firstly the fact that you can have all your expensive tools secured and locked away in a premises that is specifically designed with your concerns in mind. They are open seven days a week and in some cases have alarmed facilities which you can access afterhours.

- Forget about forking out thousands of dollars on duplicate tools, and tying up your cash flow to ensure that your apprentices have the equipment, why not allow them to share by putting it into a one centralised storage space.  Then they can get the tools they need, when they need it.

- With the pin coded facilities, you can generate a pin number for each staff, so you can track who comes in and out of your space.

- With a centralised storage space, you will also achieve a work/ life balance, because you do not have all your equipment being cluttered at your house.

- No need to keep running back and forth between your house and the jobs for your items, you can just offload them in the space.  Privacy and peace of mind.
- Do not worry about someone breaking into van or ute when you are away on holidays because again, it is securely locked in a space

- Secondly all those tiresome deliveries that you have wait around for, why wait when you have a storage space,  most storage centres have a receipt and despatch facility, with forklifts, pallet jacks
- Why not use the networking opportunity to brand your business to a potential several hundred people in the storage facility when you come to access your space, who knows you may pick up the extra job here and there.
- You can even set up a wireless internet facility and a small desk to process your stock orders and despatch them out straight from the storage facility.

- What’s more you do not even have to worry about sorting through them because many of the storage facilities can provide you customised shelving solutions.

With many now facing the challenge of starting their own business in a tough environment, storage spaces offer, secure, accessible, pristine and affordable, can be a godsend. They enable trades business with limited space at home to get through the tough early days of a new business without the cost burden of premises to store their stock, papers or tools.

So have a think about storage as an option for your mobile business. It can be quite handy, and we can guarantee that your marriage will also improve!

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