Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Two years into my journey along Storage King Road

By Ashley Fellowes
SK Heidelberg West, VIC

Having taken up a position at Storage King Greensborough in early November 2011, I found myself in an industry which is highly competitive and greatly challenging yet rewarding and satisfying.  I think the great unknown is turning up to work each day and being presented with a variety of challenges and tasks and being able to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

My journey along Storage King Road saw me transfer to Thomastown in February 2012 where I further enhanced my skills and knowledge of the self-storage industry until July 2013 I was offered a temporary transfer for three months to Heidelberg West as relief manager where I am still based.

I have learnt many things along the way in terms of selling techniques, rent roll, yield, occupancy rate and managing debtors, however I often reflect upon the perception our customers have of us as self-storage professionals and are we meeting their expectations.
By establishing a rapport with each new customer, building trust and conveying to them the benefits and advantages of storing with your particular facility we can give ourselves every opportunity of winning their business.

If you were a customer take time out and ask yourself “what would you appreciate about your business?”, “What would detract from the experience?”, “What do you appreciate about certain businesses you spend money with that you could integrate into your store?”
By asking yourself as a self-storage employee these and other specific questions we can evaluate and measure our performance and strive to become an even better organisation.

The journey continues……..

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