Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hope you had a great Easter break

What do you do when you have four days off work and you're not going away? Well apart from the obligatory family get-together and too much chocolate I decided to clear out the spare room, I know, what was I thinking? I was already kicking myself for not organising an Easter escape to a beach-side location, so I had to distract myself.

What started out as a simple 'go through and toss' exercise, ended up more like an episode from 'This is your Life'. As I went through all the boxes I discovered long forgotten items that I once treasured, from a childhood doll, my first dog's worn out collar to forgotten Valentine's day cards that I may have actually sent to myself. I thought how handy they will come in though when I have dementia and will think how popular I must have been. As the tears began to well up and I dove further inside the labyrinth of boxes, filled with memories, I realised I couldn't just discard these treasures I had to preserve them.
Storage King to the rescue!
I sorted, cleaned, dusted, wrapped and packed in between a few coffees, more chocolate and half a box of tissues of course. At the end of the day as I stood back and surveyed my handywork, I felt a sense of achievement, like my Easter break wasn't wasted at all.

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